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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111082844715141493212298110*Ben ChewWests CC2019/20202nd Grade Competition3 1Merewether
210312773315141493159840103*Joseph L PriceWests CC2019/20201st Grade Competition5 1Belmont
3959742301514149321242095Cameron ClaridgeWests CC2019/2020U/15 T20 Competition1 1Hamilton-Wickham
4909681021514149317438690*Nathan MillsWests CC2019/20204th Grade Competition2 1Wallsend DCC
5879742301514149317423087*Cameron ClaridgeWests CC2019/20203rd Grade Competition2 1Wallsend DCC
6868840571514149321240286*Edan BrichtaWests CC2019/2020U/21 T20 Competition1 1Hamilton-Wickham
77719255461514149315983377Puru GaurWests CC2019/20201st Grade Competition4 1Toronto Workers
87313883681514149317439873Russell MillsWests CC2019/20204th Grade Competition4 1Toronto Workers
970782151514149315982170Joshua C EmertonWests CC2019/20201st Grade Competition2 1Wallsend DCC
10588144171514149321231258Joshua S MillsWests CC2019/20202nd Grade Competition5 1Belmont
11567000861514149317438656Scott YoungWests CC2019/20204th Grade Competition2 1Wallsend DCC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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